Friday, October 1, 2010

Thoughts on Passion

Over last two years or so, I have been having some very interesting conversations with many of my mentors. I want to share those in this blog to make those thoughts immortal.

The birth of passion probably happens when one understands oneself better. Understanding oneself would mean understanding what is your sense or right or wrong / good or bad. Basically clear understanding of your value system - what do you as an individual stands for. Once someone identifies the driving force within, knows what he / she wants to achieve in life; and has determination to pursue the journey; the passion erupts.

Passion is like a magnet; whoever comes closer to a passionate person; gets magnetized. Passion is what pushes you beyond logic sometimes, and helps you build the charisma.

As one of my mentor Dr. Mansingh says: When logic stops, leadership takes over!

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