Friday, October 1, 2010

Networking 101

Some fragmented thoughts on networking 101...

Meeting and Networking are two different things.... You can meet with anyone, and probably say "Nice meeting you" and the conversation / relationship will end there.... Meaningful networking happens when

- People derive pleasure out of your company
- You might add value to their life
- You make them feel good (let them feel good)
- You are champ in your area - people need to learn from you...

Golden rule of networking - When you ask someone for help; ask it for someone else e.g. if you are going to speak at some place ask to make a contribution to a charity of your interest.

You don't play play tennis with Leander Paes; similarly you don't play cricket with Tendulkar. You should play tennis with Tendulkar and Cricket with Federer :) i.e. Don't keep talking to people about their strength area or something very obvious topic; but bring them to an area of discussion that is your strength. Then only you can have an equal conversation. CREATE for yourself a leveled playing field.

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