Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mantra to Meet Great People....

As I wrote in one of my previous blogs that last one year was like a blessing, because divinity has given me opportunity to meet many amazing people. But today a new thought (triggered by a book I was reading) gave me a new perspective - I think great people always existed around me, but I was unable to observe their goodness.

In last one year, a lot of introspection and words of wisdom from great mentors have helped to dissolve my internal barriers to natural harmony and self realization -  allowing everyone I met to manifest in their most positive aspect. As I am fighting years of mental conditioning of finding faults rather than finding greatness in people; my new outlook is definitely helping me discover great people all around me. I am finding life to be more enriched and satisfying. I wish all of you the same too.     

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Anonymous said...

Introspection and confession leads to teh road of self discovery and gradually tos elf realisation .....yes good people were exsisting around you but the difference was in viewing them ! a matetr of perception .......

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