Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ME versus WE: Leadership Lessons from Animal Kingdom

Did you know that Cheetah, the fastest animal with a speed of up to 75miles per hour, has a hunting success rate of 50%. Since Cheetah depends on its speed to hunt, which it can only maintain for 450 meters or so; it can not afford to get injured. Hence even hyena steals the kill from Cheetah without much contest as Cheetah does not want to get into a conflict. Similarly, lion has a hunting success rate of 30%. As strange it might sound, Cheetah and Lion are not he greatest hunters in the animal kingdom.

On the other hand African wild dogs have a hunting success rate of 80%. They work in a team and communicate effectively to surround their prey. Their teamwork and well coordinated attack makes them more effective than the king of the jungle. That is the power of a TEAM i.e. Together Everyone Achieves More. 

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