Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Renewing Knowledge - Staying Young !!! Pearl Valley Resort Experience

       I was invited to a CSR Workshop over the weekend at Pearl Valley Resort near Anekal (Bangalore). I love this place as I find the untouched greenery around the place very inspiring. The purpose of the workshop was to share my industry experiences with a group of 25 final year students from Bangalore Institute of Technology.  I completely enjoyed my conversation with the students. In the evening, while sipping coffee I had an interesting thought – I have been talking about creativity and innovation to companies for a while now. I have been promoting innovation to be a key for long term survival. Every company that wants to survive profitably in the long run should keep investing portion of its revenue in innovation activities to keep renewing their USP (Unique Selling Point). And I started wondering how individuals need to do something similar to stay young at heart and mind.
      I thought about it and now I feel that individuals also need to renew their knowledge to stay abreast with the changes in the world. We should allocate a percentage of our time to new learning. It is very important to keep renewing knowledge to prevent obsolescence. Some of the traditional sources of knowledge renewal that I have been using are reading good books, Internet (focused browsing), participating in conferencing and discussions. But the most effective and efficient mode is exchanging thoughts with youngsters / students. Going through these thoughts I realized that I found the cause of why sharing my thoughts with others and especially with students is always very rejuvenating to me. The primary reason is that I always find interaction with an active group of youngsters very thought provoking. Their questions have freshness of current trends and future challenges. In the process when they learn something from me or I learn something from them; it always gives the additional satisfaction. Although I receive many sincere “Thank You” from the youngsters for the time I spent with them; but the whole experience makes you wonder who is helping whom J
       I am definitely able to renew my knowledge & stay young because of them!!!

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techis said...

i sincerely thank arun sir, for spending his precious time with us , his speech very much impressed me and i learnt many things and i will surely try to follow them in life ahead,his examples are the best,so i once again thank arun sir :) :):)

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