Friday, September 17, 2010

Demystifying Success...

In my views, success is not a relative but an absolute phenomenon i.e. success can not be measured or judged by comparing performance of two individuals. The one who has performed relatively better, may be capable of performing even better, whereas the person who has performed relatively poor - may have outperformed his / her capabilities. Hence we should perceive success as how closely one performs to his / her potential capabilities.

True mentors are those who can observe the gap between the relative performance of a person and his / her actual potential; and then coaches the person to perform his / her best.

A person is on the enlightenment journey when he/she can self-evaluate his/her true potential and identify the steps to realize it.

Identify where you are and where you believe you can be, and now plan the milestones that will take you from where you are to where you can be (hopefully where you want to be).

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arunb said...

Some additional thoughts on Success...

We often take one step forward, pause and look around if someone is watching or not... Because many of care more about what other think about our progress. We need take a step forward, pause, reflect on our achievement and how we obtained it; plan the next step even better and move on to achieve higher grounds..... Remember it is your success against what you are capable of...

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