Monday, December 6, 2010

Laughter Yoga Live Show: A Fantastic Experience

When I first heard about Dr. Madan Kataria, I did not think I will talk to him or meet him someday. Then a sequence of coincidences (that we now call as mysterious coincidences) made us meet over a dinner. His infectious smile made me curious to know more about him and his innovation “Laughter Yoga”. After that first meeting what followed was- many hours of curious conversations over many days. The result of those conversations and learning more Laughter Yoga was lifestyle changing experience and a whole lot of laughter added to my life. I realized that I started replacing my negative emotions with a gentle laughter. However simple it sounds, it added a whole lot of positivity to my life.
On Dec 4, I was fortunate to be part of “Laughter Yoga Live Show” along with Dr. K. It was a fun filled experience and honor to be sharing stage with ‘The Giggle Guru’ himself. We had a lot of fun on the stage. The impact of that one session on first time attendees was so profound that most of the youngsters expressed it to be their first time meditative experience. People, who probably never danced and sang before in their life in public, were like in a trans- dancing without any inhibitions. Everyone was doing it for him/herself, just for pure joy. A lot of audience expressed their state of mind during Laughter Yoga session as “feeling of flying in the air”; “lighter”; “like burden from my shoulders was taken off”, “I don’t remember anything but laughter”, “total state of thoughtlessness” etc.  
In summary, experiencing that extreme joyful energy buildup in the auditorium; and transformed expressions (from stressful looks to blissfulness); I was feeling fortunate to have met Dr. Madan Kataria, and for this opportunity to learn the art of “Laughing with No Reason”. As we both believe “When Purpose is Noble, Intentions are Pure, and Efforts are Sincere – Mysterious Coincidences Occurs AND MAGIC Happens”.     

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