Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why Buddha's Face is Facinating to Me....

I have been collecting Buddha pictures and statues for a while now. I was not sure why that beatific smile on his face always attracted me and offered me feeling of blissful peace.

My curiosity was addressed in one of the books by Osho. If you see Buddha images from across the world, unlike other God images, Budha's images are more or less the same. Because these images were not intended to represent how 'THE PERSON'  Buddha physically looked; but the images were manifestation of how he felt within. The images are outcome of Bodhic research, and the face proportions are meant to represent tranquility of an enlightened soul.

That thought demystified the reason for Buddha's magnetic Smile for me. 
How we are within is definitely manifested on our expression seen by the world. Having good virtues, integrity and truthfulness definitely brings inner peace; and that inner peace is reflected in our everyday interactions with people. So to win hearts - be at peace with yourself and keep smiling....

May all of us are able to develop Buddha Smile! 

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