Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Makes India Great: Memorable Experience at Shravanabelagola

(Rajyotsava Celebration at BCE Shravanbelagola: A Short Documentary)
It was another one of those fortunate opportunities aligned with my mission to share knowledge and invoke innovation in the rural India that I was invited to Bahubali College of Engineering (BCE) at Shravanbelagola (158 km from Bangalore) as the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker for the Rajyotsava Celebration event. When I left Bangalore, I knew no one in Shravanbelagola but when I left that place – I felt like I belonged there and I am leaving my family. That is what is great about India - we make anyone our own. BCE staff was a great example of what India is all about. Just because my family was their guest - people spent their Sunday (family time) with us. The simplicity of people, their loving thoughts and sincere efforts to make us feel special – made us realize that spirit of India is still alive outside of large cities.  
Now about the place – in one word it was “Mesmerizing”. First of all the greenery and fresh air was refreshing. On top of that more than 1500 years of history along with the architectural wonders made me revere our past. There are twin hills (Chandragiri and Vindhyagiri) with rich past. Chandragiri is the place where King Chandragupta Maurya attained Moksha. Vindhyagiri is the place the largest monolithic statue in the world of Bahubali is located.  Bahubali (carved out of the rock that once stood on the top of the hill) has the most magnificent smile I have ever seen. Creating such a perfect face at that large proportion (nose is around 3.9 feet) is a wonder in itself. I wish we could have found how such carving and finishing was done in 981AD. The intricate carvings, amazingly stable stone buildings, and more than 65 feet tall unsupported freely standing stone pillars are true engineering marvels. You cannot avoid thinking that if we would have preserved and improved on the science known to us that time, no one in the world would have been able to match our domination. When America was not even formed, and Europe was fighting their dark-ages, we already had universities like Nalanda to provide highest level of education to the seekers. We all need to contribute our best to restore the glory of our country.
The most memorable moments of the trip were yet to come. BCE students and staff was a speaker’s dream come true crowd. The energy level of the audience was best I have seen in more than 9 years of my speaking career. They responded to questions, they asked questions and to my amazement they kept me going for more than 4 hours. My wife Capt. Puneet Bhardwaj also spoke to them for more than an hour. The audience showed no sign of fatigue on the contrary they showed an amazing capability and curiosity to learn.
I also did my first session of Laughter Yoga. We all laughed a lot. That vibrant crowed helped me instill confidence that I can make people laugh and healthy by Laughter Yoga. You can see how we laughed at my web channel arunbTV
It was a wonderful experience. This has further strengthened my belief in my mission. I wish some of the students will internalize what I have shared with them so they move from where they are to where they want to be. I only did my part, which is – my best attempt to “Inspire Possibilities in Pursuit of Their Dreams”. I am waiting for the day when someone would say that they were able to use something out of what I have shared with them to be successful in their life. My prayers are always with those who are pursuing their noble dreams with sincere efforts.  
(My special thanks to Principal Dr. Mahaveer, Dean Sir, Mr. Vinod, Mr. Sudhir, Mr. Chetan and the Mess staff for making us feel like part of their family).


Amrish Madiwal said...

Sir,You are a great blogger,One more feather to your hidden talents.keep writing indeed we want to talk "Laughter Yoga" course from you..


maneet said...

Sir, It is always amazing to be with you and i feel being with you learning never stops. We get to look at things differently. You always have a new point of view, which most of us would miss.
You truely are INSPIRING people around, keep inspiring the youth so that they never loose thier focus!!!.

psychic said...

sir.. I'm a student of BCE and I gotta say your talk was the best one i've ever listened. u truly did inspire us out there. well really i mean i know most of the people would think those questions as silly but you were patient to answer all of em which sure was so great of you . I really hope to get to meet you some time in future especially for that laughter session . overall your speech was VERY GOOD VERY GOOD HEYYYYYY .

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