Sunday, October 24, 2010

Law Of Attraction: My Way

If you are performing or doing any activity with a group; there would be some tiny percentage of people who would be skeptical or distrusting. Don't look at them. They will bring your energy down. Focusing on them will create self-doubt - that will suck you into failure. Instead, focus on people who are enjoying your presentation. Don't even think that your critique exist at that time. That will help you generate synergy and make your presentation / program successful. Remember - the law of attraction works a bit different when it comes to inter-personal communication (defying Newtonian physics). Likes attracts likes here. Passion is contiguous (but so it skepticism). So keep positive thinker in your inner circles  and use critiques only to get feedback once in a while.

Visualize success. Believe that you will be successful in whatever you do. Imagine the victory - and you will have better chances of relishing it. Believe that what you passionately desire is yours - now it is just a matter of time that someone becomes a reason to lead you to you destination. 

 Positive thinking alone will not help you achieve anything. But positive thinking will help yo achieve everything BETTER than the negative thinking will.

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